Bred by Robert Watson; imported by Blarney Stone Acres; acquired as a sixteen month old colt. Babes - GV00134F

This wonderful stallion was imported as a foal by Blarney Stone Acres.  I was able to acquire him as a sixteen month old colt.  He was bred in England by Robert Watson.  Mr. Watson along with John Pratt worked together and their selective herds were highly regarded within the Gypsy community.  Few Watson/Pratt horses have found their way to North America.  I am proud to share this treasured line through this lovely stallion.  I stand him at stud to registered Gypsy Vanner mares.

Foals by Babes

This is "Shaylee's Bevin" my 2008 filly by Babes out of the mare, Shaylee.  Shaylee is proudly owned by friend, Dianna Guldjberg.  Bevin's pedigree includes: Robert Watson's Old Horse (Lad), UK Roadsweeper, The Coal Horse, The Old Kent Horse, and The Old Horse of Wales.

This is "Belle Rose Rajah" the 2010 colt by Babes out of the Belle Rose Farm mare, Ambrosia.  Belle Rose Farm has retained him as a future stallion.  His pedigree includes, Robert Watson's Old Horse (Lad), UK Roadsweeper, The Coal Horse, The Original Kent Horse.

This is "Belle Rose Bright Chiavala" the 2013 colt out of the Belle Rose Farm mare, Ambrosia.  We could not be happier at how this boy is maturing. What a fine boy! With Babes coming from The Coal Horse line and Ambrosia from The Original Kent Horse, well, it doesn't get much better than that.

Dakota Reign 2014 colt out of Gypsy CaraVanners' mare, Westmoreland Blue Girl, and by our wonderful Robert Watson bred stallion, Babes.  I could not be prouder of what this stallion has been consistently producing.

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Unicorn Spirit Vanners is now happily located on our very own farm in Marion Junction, Alabama.  We are so extremely happy to finally be at home in Alabama!  We extend an invitation to family and friends old and new to come and visit us!