Our very first Gypsy Vanner is our wonderful mare, Magic.  She was purchased in 1997 as a three year old for my daughter, Jill.  She is number GV00071F in the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society registry.  She is one of the most intelligent animals I have ever been around and she delights everyone who meets her.  


Magic has served as a GVHS Ambassador helping us introduce the Gypsy Vanner Horse for the first time at many venues in the northeast when we lived in New York.  She and our gelding, Bandit were two of the four horses who introduced the breed for the first time at the New Jersey State Fair in 2003.  She was a GVHS Ambassador at the Ohio Equine Affaire in 2004 and while there was invited by Dr. Groom products to be their model.  She was invited by Ruth Sanderson to be one of the models for the Jane Yolen/Ruth Sanderson children's book, "Hush Little Horsie" published by Random House and available through Amazon and the Ruth Sanderson website: www.ruthsanderson.com.  Magic is the dam to our stallion, Cushti Bok's Lord Marlborough.

Magic at home in New York.

Dr. Groom invited Magic to be his model at the Ohio Equine Affaire 2004.

Our second mare is Shaylee's Bevin.  Bevin is our senior stallion, Babes', first daughter and we are pleased to retain her as a broodmare.  Bevin's pedigree includes: The Old Kent Horse, The Old Horse of Wales, The UK Roadsweeper, and The Coal Horse.  

The beautiful mare, Shaylee, is lovingly owned by our friend, Dianna Guldjberg.  She is currently on loan to us for breeding.  Shaylee is the dam to our mare, Shaylee's Bevin.  Shaylee is a daughter of the stallion, Chief. Which means the blood of The Old Horse of Wales and The Original Kent Horse flows in her veins.  See her April 2014 foal by Babes under his foals.

Where to Find Us:

Unicorn Spirit Vanners
Albert Turner Sr. Memorial HWY

Marion Junction, Alabama 36759

Phone: +1 318 801 9554

What's New

Unicorn Spirit Vanners is now happily located on our very own farm in Marion Junction, Alabama.  We are so extremely happy to finally be at home in Alabama!  We extend an invitation to family and friends old and new to come and visit us!